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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep Freeze for Windows XP and Vista

Free Software Download :

Download Deep Freeze version 5.7 or version 6 Deep Freeze for Win XP, Windows Vista, Standard or Professional. This is suitable for that would not always be bothered with the update antivirus PC or notebook, and tired of the virus, then I suggest your computer is protected only with the application Deep Freeze.

Well this is the Deep Freeze of the benefits that make the computer to be immune from all forms of virus, as is how it works will restore all data, such as when the computer restart. Of course all data will be lost if you save in hard drive that you freeze. My hard drive partition in at least two drives, C and D drives, deepfreeze enabled on drive C: only, So data can be saved to the folder D, so that is not lost if the restart.

What is Deep Freeze?

Deep Freeze is a software that prevents any permanent changes done on your PC. Deep Freeze has two modes: Froozen and Thawed. When Deep Freeze in Froozen mode, any changes that have been done on the PC when the PC will be overlooked in the restart. When in the Deep Freeze Thawed mode, any changes that have been done on the PC when the PC will be maintained on the restart. When making changes to the PC, such as install or update software, computer must be in circumstances Thawed mode. Reboot or restart is done if there are changes on your PC. For example, you want to install software or update the software (ie: Anti Virus) call in the Deep Freeze mode select Boot Thawed and restart after restart the PC in Thawed mode and you can install software that is required, after calling Deep Freeze, choose Boot Frozen mode and restart again. Your PC will be back in the Frozen mode.

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